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Folsom High School Engineering Challenge

The 5th Annual Folsom High School Engineering Challenge on May 18th featured 55 student teams and 30 different engineering projects by 11th and 12th grade students enrolled in the Folsom High physics and principles of engineering classes. The projects showcased students’ application of physics and mathematics. Physics teacher Eric Wright explained that students’ projects were chosen by lottery from projects such as a lightning transformer, catapult, hovercraft, wind turbine, bridge, stirling heat engine, and solar car or boat. Students were expected to research, build and test their projects. Folsom High School teachers, SMUD, Intel, Aerojet, and Army Corp of Engineers volunteers judged the projects using the following criteria: craftsmanship of project, presentation of project poster, quality of oral presentation, quality of results, discussion, and conclusion on poster presentation. The third place winners were Nanat Kamboj and Harpreet Khinda for building a rocket; the second place winner was Vivian Lam for making a solar radio; first place winners were Alex Katlov and Adam Michalak for constructing a tesla coil. Throughout the day, teachers from other disciplines brought their students to see the projects their peers created.